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PPH Sheets

Parameters and values


Width (mm)


Tolerance on width (mm)


Lenght (mm)


Tolerance on lenght (%)


Thickness (mm)

1.8 - 5

Tolerance on thickness (mm)



natural or colored

Tolerance on weight (%)



External influenes protection

UV threatment

Corona threatment

one or two-sided




1.80240 – 350
2.00250 – 550
2.50350 – 700
3.00450 – 1000
3.50650 – 1200
4.00750 – 1250
4.50900 – 1300
5.00950 – 1500
Dimensions /mm/


Advantages and application

What are the advantages of PPH sheets

Our sheets are made for highest demands!

Vapoli Ltd. manufactures various packaging products in wide range of forms and application. Packaged or unpackaged products are transported by these systems. You can use them in heavy industrial areas or smaller trade business.

Depending on our clients request, Vapoli Ltd. can produce PPH sheets in more than one composition and we can achieve demanded ratio of toughness, weight, and flexibility norms.

Our sheets are being used as separators in palettes in food and beverage industry as in the industry of tools and machines,glass industriy and various logistics activities.

Possibility of die cutting, adhesive capabilities and endless palettes of colours will make your choices customized to the full.

Since it has impact resistance, containers and packaging systems maintain best ratio of strength, weight and price.

One of the biggest problems of todays agriculture are pests and unpredictable weather conditions. This issue can be handled with hollow sheets easily. These hollow sheets are a semi-translucent, UV and chemical resistant, easily flexible and in various colours. They can be used as barriers for protection for various plants or as a cover from weather elements.

The rapid development of digital and multi colour printing, has seen an expansion in the use of hollow plastic sheets as temporary and permanent banner boards, advertising panels, agricultural banners for fields etc. Vapoli PPH sheets combine weather resistant properties together with good strength to weight ratio, provide a low cost and durable print medium.

Vapoli hollow sheets can be die cutted for demanded shapes.

We use corona treatment for both layers.

Foils and films can be laminated easily on our PPH sheets.

The main focus of application of Vapoli PPŠ plates is in the production of packaging for the automotive industry. The automotive industry applies high standards of packaging, and Vapoli PPŠ panels, as a basic advantage, have a wide range of specific characteristics that declare them the ideal material for packaging.

The natural reflection of water and the possibility of adding additives to the basic polymer increase their usability, so that the packaging resists bad weather conditions and is resistant to chemical compounds.

The use of Vapoli PPŠ boards guarantees complete recycling at the end of the life of each product. The recycled product can be used again in the production of new products, thus creating less waste and reducing pollution.

From the end of the 2014, Vapoli Ltd. is producing sheets with specific anti corrosive characteristics, designed especially as a packaging solution for metal and metallurgical industries and products that are sensitive to corrosion.

Our sheets combine two level protection for your product – mechanical and anti corrosive.

This feature of the packaging material is achieved by applying a special additive in the production of PP hollow sheets. The choice of appropriate additive depends on the application and can be adapted to different customer requirements.

This kind of PP corrugated sheets found its way to application in packaging:

– Sheets

– Metal pipes and profiles

– Rolls of sheet metal based on Fe and ferrous metals

Vapoli PPH sheets are light and resistant to wear, and as such they have found wide range of applications for construction industry.

PPH sheets are ideal for protection for floors or as barriers and wall separators for cement, water and stones.

Since they can be easily formed and transported to construction sites, they are much more applicable than plywood or cardboard.

Polypropylene hollow sheets are increasingly being used in food and beverage processing sectors and they are representing a new way of packaging and transportation on today’s markets. Vapoli Ltd. and our materials suppliers can assure you, that our product is safe for use in contact with food.

Vapoli Ltd. hollow sheets are perfect for new ideas and solutions in packaging. Approved food contact grade, water and freeze resistance,mildew resistance, washable, great thermo – isolated, printable and finally, all polypropylene sheet is fully recyclable.

Our sheets are far more superior in its use, than any other form of paper or cardboard, simply because of its low weight and maintenance factors on one side, and very sturdy construction on the other.

Die cutting


Resistant to wide temperature range

Imagine and print

Water resistance

Chemical resistance


Environmental friendly and recyclable